2021 Board of Directors Meeting, part Two

September 18, 2021

The Board met via Zoom. Attending were Larry Roeder, Chair, Julie Goforth, Gert Evans, Pastor Carlos Lawson and Doug Miller. Anthony Arciero and Hari Sharma could not attend; but did vote absentee.

Primary Decisions were.

  1. Rebranding: The non-profit was renamed from Diversity Fairs of Virginia to the Edwin Washington Society. The bylaws were also changed. Six directors voted in favor. One vote absentee. One was absent and didn’t vote. The Resolution was as follows: “ Feeling that the current name Diversity and Equality Fairs of Virginia does not capture the current strategic vision of the organization, the Board resolves to change the name to the Edwin Washington Society and tasks the Treasurer, in coordination with the CEO to submit the proper paperwork at the county, state and federal levels.”   
  2. Role of Directors as it relates to fund-raising. After a spirited discussion, all Board members present decided to table until October 2022 the proposal to require board members to give or get a specified amount of money each year.   Two members were absent
  3. Changes to Bylaws. After a spirited discussion, the new Bylaws were approved without amendment by the directors present.  Anthony Arciero had also voted in favor by absentee vote.  Hari Sharma was considered absent without vote