Nonprofit Info and Board Meetings

2021  The society name was changed to the Edwin Washignton Society.  No change in mission or legal status.

2021  Bylaws adopted at the 2021 Annual Conference (session two), 2021BylawsFinalEdWashSociety 9/18/2021.

2021 Annual Meeting  (session one)

2020 Annual Meeting

2019 Annual Meeting Minutes  DFV2019AnnualMinutes

2019 Bylaws Changes made at 2019 Annual Meeting  Bylaws 2019.

2018  Annual Report by President, held at 2019 Annual Meeting  DFV 2019 Annual President Report

2017  Annual Report DiversityFair2017Report

2017 Board Meeting  BoardMeeting2017   

2017 Board Meeting Additional  2017BoardMeeting

2016 Fund Raising Plan for Edwin Washington Project

2016 Plan  2016RevisedBusinessPlanAugust2016

2015   Federal nonprofit status here.

2015  Incorporated status in the State of Virginia.

2015  Donations to Diversity and Equality Fairs are tax deductible in the United States of America. See more details on contributing here.

2014   Bylaws  2014bylawsdfv

2014  Articles of Incorporation

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