Bulletin of Loudoun County History

Middleburg, 1920

In November of 2018, Diversity Fairs of Virginia  (now called the Edwin Washington Society) took ownership of the Bulletin of the Loudoun County Historical Society, now called the Bulletin of Loudoun County History.

From 1957 to 1976, then from 1997 to 2001, then from 2004 to 2018, the periodical was the effort of the Loudoun County Historical Society in its various forms.   By agreement with the society Trustees, it is now the periodical of the Edwin Washington Society (in 2018 called DFV), which is a 501(c)(3).  We are deeply honored to own and manage this journal, which is non-partisan and dedicated to exploring Loudoun’s special history and its immediate environs in as professional a manner as possible. The Bulletin is also committed to incorporating articles on the history of Blacks and other minorities that had been underreported in the past, as well as being supportive of a diversified society.

Additional information on the Bulletin will be posted on our Facebook Page.   Please feel welcome to write to the Editorial Committee at 26128 Talamore Drive, South Riding, Va. 20152, or email the editors.

We also intend to host discussion groups with authors.  Physical sessions were impossible during 2020; but discussions might be doable in the winter of 2021, depending on recommendations of the Department of Health in Loudoun and the CDC.  Recordings will be posted on YouTube and this site, as well as Facebook.

How to Purchase:  The easiest way is to buy off of Amazon, which will send the Bulletin directly to your address, anywhere in the world. Amazon.   Photoworks of Leesburg, the Lovettsville Museum, the Prosperity Baptist Church and Morven Park The Balch Library, all Public Libraries in Loudoun County, all Senior Centers in Loudoun, and all Public High School Libraries have copies to read. Because of COVID-19, the Balch Library has not been selling copies; but this might change.

Management of the Bulletin.

Omnibus Index to the Bulletin (being edited)

2022/23 Edition.   Summary of potential articles. To be published in the fall of 2022.

2021/22 Edition.

2021 Video Study on Segregated Transportation in Loudoun County.

2020-2021 Edition became available in November 2020.   

2019 Bulletin became available on October 10, 2019.  

Older Issues:  The Bulletin has received permission to reprint all of the older issues that were published before the Edwin Washington Society (then DFV)  took ownership.  At present, they are only available for sale on Amazon; but eventually, each article will be published on this site and available for free.  See the following for downloads.  The project of scanning and indexing will be completed in the Winter of 2022.


All material on this website is {c} by The Edwin Washington Dociety/ Editing began in 2018.

Lincoln High School Home Economics Contest, 1938. Notice how blinds in the auditorium are controlled. The auditorium was also used for basketball.