John Rust Archives

Lost Papers Discovered in 2017

The Rust Archives Project began in 2017 with a gift to Larry Roeder of papers belonging to a 19th/early 20th Century politician named John Rust. Roeder transferred the papers to the Society.

Initial efforts, in consultation with the Balch Library and the Preservation Office of the Library of Congress, involved cleaning out the box of insects, preserving the wood and treating the paper for molds and dampness. Actual scanning of documents and analysis by Larry Roeder and Sarah Dillistin (a county librarian) started in 2018 and continued into 2019. This included meetings with the Rust Family in Bluemont in 2018 and 2019, which also touched on the Bluemont Colored School.

The Society is looking for a volunteer to help on this project in 2022.

Records were found in basement of Tankersfield White School, Which was very damp and moldy.
1901 Document covered in dried mold.
Most papers must be handled with gloves and face mask.
Might be John Rust
Fragment of Envelope addressed to John Rust from Superintendent of Public Schools.