Society Meetings & Major Events


All meetings are open to everyone, regardless of political persuasion.   If you would like to attend, please send an email.   Keep in mind that we are politically non-partisan (not associated with a political party); but we do strongly advocate for a diverse society and the rights of minorities.  That is our core mission.

Sample of major events and reports. Other reports are available, upon request.

2022 Board of Directors Meeting, February

2021 Annual Meeting Second session rebranded the society from Diversity Fairs of Virginia to the Edwin Washington Society.  Held by zoom 2021MinutesEdwinWashingtonSociety,  9/18/2021. New Bylaws.  2021BylawsFinalEdWashSociety.

2021 Annual Meeting (session one) held by zoom. 

2020 Annual Meeting.

2019  Annual Meeting, held in South Riding, Virginia  DFV2019AnnualMinutes

2018 Dirt Don’t Burn event at Douglass School, Leesburg, Virginia.    Report of 2018 Annual Meeting

Announcement March 11, 2015 in Loudoun Times Mirror of the 2015 Diversity Fair.  DFV 2015 Fair Announcement.  

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