1957-1976 Editions: Bulletin of the Historical Society of Loudoun County.

Huntington Harris, President of the Historical Society of Loudoun County 1950 to 1960.

The Bulletin of the Historical Society of Loudoun County, Virginia has been owned by Diversity Fairs of Virginia (DFV) since 2018, and is now published as the Bulletin of Loudoun County History.

The 1957-1976 Editions are available for sale on Amazon. In 2021, all articles will be scanned and then posted on this website for general distribution.

Articles in the combined volume are:

Home Page of the Bulletin of Loudoun County History

Officers of the Society 1996-1997,  1998v
Table of Illustrationsix
Introduction by Ambassador George C. McGhee.xvii
Introducing the Bulletin in 1958xix
Loudoun County Pioneers 
The First Churches in Loudoun County, by Nan Lin Kincaid3
A History of the Society of Friends in Loudoun, by Asa Moore Janney15
Early Loudoun Water Mills, by Helen Hirst Marsh29
Thomson Mason of Raspberry Plain, Letter of  “A British American” Introduction by John G.  Lewis35
Establishing the Town in Loudoun County, by Penelope M. Osburn71
Loudoun County Between the Wars 
The Post Offices of Loudoun, by Andrew A. Rowberg and Marie C. Rowberg79
Thomas Jefferson and the Ketocton Baptist Association, by Unknown93
A Hometown newspaper: “The True American,” by Penelope M. Osburn97
Hometown Banking: The Loudoun Company, by Helen Hirst March111
Tales of Old Virginia, by Joseph V. Nichols117
Philip St. George Cooke of Loudoun, Commander of the Mormon Battalion, by Wilbur C. Hall121
Loudoun County and the Civil War 
Economics of Slavery and the Coming of the Civil War, by Professor George G. Hall131
The Battle of Ball’s Bluff, Memories of Colonel  E.V. White143
Centennial Ceremony Commemorating the Battle of Ball’s Bluff, October 21, 1961157
The Loudoun Guards – A Muster Roll, Company C, 17th Regiment Va., Infantry, CSA181
The Skirmish at Mile Hill, by Col. A. B. Johnson, US Army, Retired187
“The Comanches” in Action.  35th Battalion, Va/. Cavalry, CSA, by John Divine.191
Passage of the Armies Through Loudoun: 1861-1865, by John Devine195
The Confederate Monument in Leesburg215
A Memory of John Devine221
Historic Properties in Loudoun County 
Exeter Plantation: Its History and Architecture, by Penelope M. Osburn  225
Coton Manor of the Ages, by John G. Lewis 
A Bequest from James Monroe, by Professor Edwin H. Cady269
A Memory of Huntington Harris281
Officers, Directors and Members of the Society283
Post Offices boxes in Loudoun, 1960295
Index of Names297
Index of Subjects321
Index of Localities332
Federal Troops at Edwards’ Ferry194
Confederate Monument in Leesburg219
John Devine221
Exeter Planation227-237
Coton Manor247-263
Portrait of James Monroe277
Huntington Harris 281