2007 Edition of the Bulletin of the Loudoun County Historical Society

Decorated Vase, the Shaffer Pottery Inventory

The 2007 edition was the first of two editions in color by the LCHS. The other was the 2010 edition.

Frederick W. Shafer: A Potter in 19th Century Leesburg, by Alexandra Fernandez1
Shafer Pottery, by Dr. Fred D. Johnson, Jr.13
The Freedmen’s Bureau in Loudoun County, Virginia: Getting Start6ed, June 1865 – March 1866,  by Betty Morefield36
“The World Hangs in the Balance” George C. Marshall and the European Recovery Plan, by Rachel Yarnell Thompson73
LCHS 2007 Board of Directors86
LCHS Members of the Board86
Honorary Members of the Society86
Mission Statement87
Life Members88
Submission of Manuscripts90
Purchasing Copies90

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