2010 Edition of the Bulletin of the Loudoun County Historical Society

1996, 026 Purchase. Loudoun Museum

The 2010 Edition was one of two color issues the LCHS produced. The other was the 2007 Edition. The 2021/22 Edition by the DFV will also be in color. Included in the article about the Loudoun Museum was the image shown above of an old quilt. The 2021/22 Edition will have an article on the history of quilt making in Loudoun, amongst other articles regarding art.

Letter from the Presidentv
The Paxson and Carlheim, by Lori Hinterleiter Kimball and H. Vernon Davis1
Vignette: Horace C. Littlejohn, Druggist, by Mary Fishback12
Captain Samuel Mean and the Loudoun Rangers (Part 1), by Taylor Chamberlin19
Vignette: The C&P Telephone Company Building, 1953, by Mary Fishback45
Artifacts from the Loudoun MuseumCenter Spread
Aldie and its Mill, by Wynne Saffer47
Vignette: The A&P Food Store c. 1965, by Mary Fishback67
LCHC Board of Directors69
LCHS Mission Statement70
LCHS Life Members71
LCHS Members72
Manuscript submission, copy purchase information73

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