2022-2023 Edition, Bulletin of Loudoun County History.

This issue was published in December 2022.

From files held by the Edwin Washington Society.  1908.  The Ryan Baseball Team defeated the Capital Tractions Railroad Team at Great Falls.  Back row, left to right are David McDonald, Floyd Darnes, John Lowe. Second row are Earl McNealy, J. Lambert, Osborn Leith, Pierce Rose. First row are John Milstead, Alec Page and Ray Lambert.

  1. Introduction
  2. From British criminal and exile to Revolutionary War Hero and Loudoun Constable, the story of Christopher Perfect.
  3. The Role of Petitions during Segregation, by Dave Prebich and Larry Roeder.
  4. Missing Trustee of the Town of Leesburg, the story of Patrick Cavan.by Stanley K. Contrades.

Photo of an Optimeter found in a forgotten chest in a former schoolhouse in Loudoun. These were used to deduce someone’s vision. Property of Larry Roeder. Photo by Neil Steinberg, Photoworks of Leesburg.