Islamic Art Show September 12 – November 4, 2016

The Loudoun County Art Advisory Committee sponsored a show by local Islamic Artists September 12 – Nov 4, 2016, which was supported on social media by Diversity Fairs of Virginia (our former name)

Working together, the artists collaborated on an exhibit catalog, important because of the great art but also because Bridges of Faith and Tradition was the first exhibit of Islamic artists highlighted by the government of Loudoun County.

The show however was not about advocating for a religion. Instead, it presented a unique opportunity to recognize the artistic forces from multiple generations of Loudoun’s Muslim population, one of our county’s fastest growing.  Thus, its main mission was to be a vehicle for multi-cultural understanding and harmony.

Bringing harmony through understanding was considered important when the project was proposed, given the great political stresses of today. It is therefore the hope of the artists that their art will be seen by Loudoun’s citizens as a glimpse into the peaceful culture and patriotism that makes up Islam in our county.

A formal printed copy is available at the Balch Library in Leesburg, the local history repository for the county.  Click on Art Show Catalog for the pdf version, which we hope you will share.

The Edwin Washington Society is proud to share this wonderful event with the world.  The Bulletin of Loudoun County History (another of our projects) will also publish a history of Islam in Loudoun, which will appear in the October, 2021 edition.