Society Non-Discrimination Policy


Anti-discrimination policy:    According to Article III, Sec 4: “The Society shall not allow discrimination within its ranks and must advocate for non-discrimination across its programs.  The Society shall also try to have as diverse an officer corps, Board membership and volunteer base as possible.. ”  Adopted 9/18/2021 by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors contains Blacks, a Japanese-American, women, a Nepali-American and whites.   Volunteers are of all ages and a wide range of ethnicity.  All officers and volunteers are required to follow the same policy.

Empowerment:   Our largest project is to document the heroic efforts of  Blacks to gain an education during segregation.  We also manage a Bulletin on local history that is committed to bringing to the fore the history of underreported peoples and organizations. We also have engaged in other projects that link historical research and diversity.