Society Board of Directors and Officers

2022:  At the virtual Board Meeting of Feb 12, 2022, the following officers and Board Members were elected for a two year term.

  • Larry Roeder, Chairman of the Board and  CEO of the Society (also known as President).
  • Neil Steinberg. Member of the Board and Vice President.
  • Randy Ihara, Member of the Board and Treasurer.
  • Carlos Lawson, Member of the Board
  • Christoper Brown, Member of the Board.
  • Anthony Arciero, Director of the EWP and Member of the Board
  • Julie Goforth, Chief Technology Officer and Member of the Board.
  • Hari Sharma, Chief Financial Officer
  • Nathan Bailey, Secretary

2021  The Board has been meeting virtually through the year and held a combined annual meeting/Board Meeting on September 18, 2021 by zoom, during which the name of the corporation was changed to the Edwin Washington Society.

2020 January 18.  Board Met for Annual Meeting at Kirin Café in South riding, Va..  Re-elected officers and Board and set agenda for 2020.  Doug Miller was elected Secretary.  Board of Directors held a virtual meeting in March over the course of one week to discuss a plan proposed by President, Larry Roeder to take advantage of Georgetown University’s proposal to publish our book, Dirt Don’t Burn.  The plan was approved, as was a report on other reports to be developed in 2020 and 2021.  Possible archeological projects at Bluemont and elsewhere were also discussed.  Later in 2020, the Board also agreed on a plan for future work by the Bulletin of Loudoun County History.  The Board was also expanded in 2020 to include Larry Roeder, Doug Miller, Randy Ihara, Pastor Carlos Lawson, Julie Goforth and Gert Evans.  Sherrie Simmons became a Director Alum; but installed an Adviser. Larry Roeder was reelected as President, Randy Ihara as Vice President, Doug Miller as Secretary and Hari Sharma as Treasurer.

2019.    The officers were reappointed during the Annual Meeting.  The members of the  Board of Directors were re-elected and two new members added. (for terms of office for Officers vs Board members, see the Bylaws that were adopted at the Annual Meeting)

  • Members re-elected: Larry Roeder (President), Doug Miller, Anthony Arciero, Hari Sharma (Treasurer) and Randy Ihara (Vice President).
  • New Members of the Board were elected:  Julie Goforth and Sherri Simmons.
  • Next date for election of Board members is Wednesday, Feb 17, 2021.

2018:  Informal discussions with Board in 2018 confirmed the decision to expand the Board in 2019.

2016: On June 4, 2016, an annual meeting of the Diversity Fairs of Virginia was held and reelected Mssrs Roeder, Ihara and Sharma.   Anthony Arciero was then added to the Board of Directors and a fresh strategic plan was also adopted to cover the next 24 months.  This plan includes bringing on two more Directors in 2019.  Doug Miller was added shortly after.

2014: September, 21, 2014, the first annual meeting of the Diversity Fairs of Virginia was held and it was reported by Larry Roeder that the IRS gave the firm an EIN and that the firm was also incorporated in the State of Virginia.   Draft bylaws were proposed and eventually adopted. Larry Roeder was elected President.  Hari Sharma was elected  Treasurer.   Randy Ihara was elected Secretary. Mssrs Roeder, Sharma and Ihara are also elected as members of the Board of Directors, with Mr. Roeder as Chairman.   Pastor Carlos Lawson, one of the founders,  was recognized as the unofficial Pasrtor for the organization. It was agreed on the suggestion of Larry Roeder to also explore expanding the Board. A plan of action for 2014 was also agreed.