2008-2009 Edition: Bulletin of the Loudoun County Historical Society

Members of the Leesburg Rotary, c 1940.

 Table of Contents and Introductory Material  
Letter from the Presidentiv
George K. Fox, Jr., Faithful Guardian of Loudoun County’s Court Records During the Civil War, by Brenda S. Butler1
The Methodist Church in Leesburg, by H. Vernon Davis23
Old Stone Church Cemetery Burials, by Mary Fishback27
The Importance of William West, His Fruit Hill Ordinary, and His family in the Development of Loudoun County, by Jim Bish33
The Story of “Loudoun Silent Sentinel” Unfolded, by Becky Hackney Fleming41
About the Loudoun County Historical Society70
Mission Statement71
Members of the Loudoun County Historical Society72
Index of Names, Places and Subjects75

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